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Dr Adam J. White is an interdisciplinary researcher in Sport, Education and Health. Adam has authored a number of peer-reviewed journal papers and has co-authored a book critically examining sport; Sport, Theory and Social Problems. Adam completed his doctoral thesis at the University of Winchester in 2018 where he investigated the role of contact sport within school physical education and the issues associated with injury... (read more)

We should be celebrating those who have stood up to bigoted views, it shows how far the sporting world has moved on regarding homosexuality

Dr Adam White, a member of the RFU’s diversity and inclusivity working group, also condemned Vunipola. “I was appalled by the comments made by Billy Vunipola on the Folau affair,” he said. “It is not appropriate to rely on religion or faith or God for justification of homophobic attitudes on what was a vile commentary. It is absolutely not an excuse to quote deeply held religious beliefs to impede the rights of others. What Billy Vunipola does privately is his business and his religious beliefs are legitimate but when he impedes the rights and identities of others and fires shots at another person it is appalling.

“The encouraging part was the flip side, the opinions of those in the game who have reacted so well. James Haskell did it very well, Joe Marler did it entertainingly. Maybe 20 or 30 years ago the comments would have been accepted or ignored but the reaction to homophobia this time has been very positive for the standing of the game.”

Posted 5 days ago

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