Academic Researcher of Sport, Education and Health. 

Adam is a postgraduate qualitative researcher at the University of Winchester, within the Sport and Exercise Research Centre of the Department for Sport, Exercise and Health. He is currently undertaking a doctorate investigating the socio-cultural and political influences for participation in rugby union for youth players, under the supervision of Professor Eric AndersonDr Stewart Cotterill and Dr. Tim Gamble. Alongside this, he is also actively investigating the experiences of gay men in sport and contemporary constructions of masculinities within educational context.

As a founding member of the Sport Collision Injury Collective, alongside Professor Allyson Pollock and Professor Eric Anderson, much of Adam's current work is focused upon removing the negative aspects associated with youth contact sport. He currently coordinates a number of multiple interdisciplinary research projects exploring the current socio-cultural and political influences for participating in contact sports, such as rugby. 

Adam is an experienced coach, match official, sports development officer and sport administrator. He is currently sits on the England Rugby Football Schools Union and leads Oxfordshire Rugby Schools

In addition to his research, Adam is a passionate educator. Adam is currently teaching at the University of Bedfordshire on the (BA/BSc/MA) Sport and Physical Education programmes. He strongly believes in the emancipatory potential of engaging undergraduate students in academic research projects in order to enhance both student engagement and student understanding of social issues in sport, education and health. Adam is a fellow of the Higher Education Academy. 

Latest News

Published: Privileging the Bromance: A critical appraisal of romantic and bromantic relationships. 

Published: Evidence in support of the call to ban the tackle and harmful contact in school rugby: A response to World Rugby

Published: The Bromance: Undergraduate Male Friendships and the Expansion of Contemporary Homosocial Boundaries [Tuesday, 2nd May 2017]